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Guess which one is the boss.

Long story short

All of us are enthusiasts, just as much as we are professionals. We love automobiles, and we all drive what we work on. We are conscientious, ethical, trustworthy and experienced. The quality of your experience is as important to us as the quality of the repairs we complete.

Hubbard’s was founded in 1972 by local boy/gear-head/entrepreneur/bon vivant Jerry Hubbard. Starting from a tin shed on Union Street in Eureka, Jerry parlayed his mechanical inclination, fascination with European machinery and gift of gab into a thriving speciality repair business. In less than a decade, Hubbard’s had well outgrown the hole in the wall of its origins and moved to its current location. At the time, Jerry figured it was at least twice as much space as the shop would ever need. With the addition of the used car dealership a few years later, that conclusion seemed questionable. Now, busier than ever, we are frequently asked when we’ll find a bigger space. But we’re not going anywhere.

John J. Bennett, current president and manager of Hubbard’s German Auto, Inc, grew up hero-worshipping Jerry and helping Dad with automotive restorations ranging from World War II jeeps to Porsche 356 Speedsters. Perhaps attempting to resist the inevitability of the oil in his bloodstream, he completed a bachelor’s degree in English at Whitman College in 2002. He decamped to his Humboldt home, the girl who would become his wife in tow, and took a “summer job” cleaning, running parts and absorbing information at Hubbard’s, which, along with attaining ASE Master Automotive Technician certification, became his replacement for graduate school.

Beth Bray, the above-mentioned girl turned wife, is a certified fundraising professional with a wealth of experience in the non-profit sphere. She has recently added part-time back-office management at Hubbard’s to her resume.

Jim Abram, lead technician, has been with Hubbard’s since 2004, a gear-head since birth and a professional automotive technician for longer than he would like to admit. There is no way that he could possibly count the number of cars he has owned.

Oliver Taylor, a  McKinleyville local, is as tenacious when approaching a diagnostic solution as he is attacking an autocross course. He is a veteran of the US Navy, graduate of the College of the Redwoods, ASE certified Master Technician and addict of motorsport.

Nico Kastrup knew he was home when he found Hubbard’s back in 2003, but some of us need to go a-wandering. After a decade away, he has returned to us with invaluable experience garnered working in dealerships and specialty shops in Southern California. He was into alternative energy before it got cool.

Turk Erhamza, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native, found his way to Humboldt through a happy accident that started in Turkey, where he was teaching English. He’s passionate and almost disturbingly knowledgeable about the BMW marque, particularly the E30 3-series, and is a US Army veteran.

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